2012, 02:

ZA GARAZHAMI 2009-2012 - the book


ZA GARAZHAMI 2009-2012 results from 2 1/2 years of observing the area of 80 x 80 meters (or 1 1/2 acres) located in between residential blocks in a non-central neighbourhood of Moscow. The name ZA GARAZHAMI (literally: “behind car-shelters”) originates from the initial subject of the survey, a small plot of land behind two tin car shelters, with which typical Russian city-scape is littered in abundance. While the area of interest gradually grew to constitute the mentioned dimensions, the name persisted as a phrase perfectly transmitting the sensation of a “non-place” offering one the indulgence of social extra-territoriality.
Option 1 presents pictures in their variety avoiding serialisation or concentrating on any particular subject, just giving a slight preference to a few recurring scenarios.

8 x 8 2/3”, ink-jet printed and bound by the author

Paperback, 76 pages, crafted in 2012 in one copy